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Workshop in Minirum, Borups Alle 31, KBH
d. 11. 10. 2019, kl. 10:00 - 11:30

Free workshop for you, pregnant expat in Copenhagen, who wishes to enjoy joyfull first weeks after giving birth and is ready to prepare for it to be able to reach that dream.

  • Breastfeeding - what do you need to know before baby comes if you want to breastfeed

  • Mother´s intuition - how to find it and feel like you know what you are doing

  • How to avoid feeling stressed and overwhelmed?


Newborn mothers are often left alone with so many emotions, decisions and challenges. Even those mothers who give birth to their babies in their original community often struggle with the feeling of loneliness and exhaustion.


Although it is common in our western cultures it is not necessary. There is no need to have really rough time becoming a mother. I wish an empowering experience for every mother and that is my mission.

"Birth isn’t just about making babies, it’s about making mums too."

I would love to help you to get ready for the first few weeks as a mother. It can be the most wonderful time in your life although your body is just healing from giving birth, you are getting to know your baby and learning how to breastfeed.

Let´s make postpartum for best weeks of your life!

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