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Expat Mothers Circle Copenhagen

“In the absence of the village mothers suffer the most.”


If you miss other women who go through the same things as you, if you dream of a safe place in the craziness of maternity leave, if you need a deep connection and meaningful talks - you have found it.


Expat Mothers Circle Copenhagen is for pregnant women and mother of small babies who want to honor motherhood and create something beautiful together. 







The Circle holds everyone - are you going through a rough phaze, do you want to share your happiness? We are here.


The Circle will meet 5 times, you are welcome with your baby in your belly, arms of without. We will take care of out bodies and minds and enjoy the bliss of sharing in the circle. 


I am looking forward to meeting you so much, beautiful mothers!


Place: Café Sweet Surrender, Dybbølsgade 49, Copenhagen V

Time: 10:30 -12:30


Dates: All Tuesdays in March


Snacks and coffe? : Of course :)


Price: 2400 dkk,

early bird price 2000 dkk, expires 31. 1. 2020

(you can pay in 4 rates)


Are you in? Do you have questions?

Contact me at ammehjernepower@gmail.com

Let me know what you think